About us


Sample Concept draws its inspiration from its french roots and its passion for Nepal.
The two sisters at the head of the concept have imagined a line of accessories and decorative objects entirely handmade, available in limited editions.



Passionate about travels, colors and fabrics, everything started with craft markets in Kathmandu, stalls of multi-colored beads, artisans hammering copper, workshops of geometric patterns weaving, all mixed in an effervescence of smells of spices and smiles…

In January 2016, the first Sample Concept collection released
a line of traditional Nepalese jewelleries made of tiny glass beads, accessories with bright and graphic design.
For home, a collection of cotton-made textile entirely hand-woven, available in cushions and plaids for an ethnic and contemporary atmosphere. Decorative objects made of hammered brass that offer a warm and authentic touch.



Concerned about the quality of the materials, of the finest work and of the respect of everyone, Sample Concept ensures the realization of each pieces.
Each collection is created and produced in the Kathmandu Valley with the help of local craftsmen and an association providing support for marginalized women.